[RE] Uploading Profile Picture

Writer : Aneta Urbanska
Wrote on : 2017-04-27 14:27
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You need to do that thru https://info.wsu.ac.kr- go to your personal data and there is place where you can upload your picture.
4th main option - click: 

-> 인사기록관리 ->
교직원정보수정요청 ( here you need to enter you password again)

In first tab: 기본정보 - you will see empty box and under box you will see word 사진 (photo) to the right you will see search button - click and navigate to the photo that you want to use in your profile.

It did work for me.


Aneta Urbanska

Hi Teaching and Learning Support Center,

I was trying to upload a profile picture into the Smart system. The instructions given are:

"To add a new picture, browse and select an image (in JPG or PNG format) then click "Update profile". The image will be cropped to a square and resized to 100x100 pixels."

However, when I click upload, the page reloads and the "Current Picture" still shows up as "None". Could you please tell me what I can to correct this error?

Thank you!

Alejandra Marin
Aneta Urbanska
KIM Hyojung